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The Reed Family

I have been internet friends with Kelby for quite some time, but I'm not sure that we had ever met in person before our session. We have talked a few times about doing some family photographs for her, but the stars just never aligned. She is also a photographer - and mom of three - so we both definitely have full schedules to work from.

The stars happened to align for us not long after her husband opened his insurance company - Reed Family Insurance Advisors - in Damariscotta, Maine. You can follow this link for more information on their business -

They both wanted to have some black and white images to place around the office, as the business is very family driven. So, we made it happen - and I am so over the moon about the images we created. Her boys are such a light, and little Gracie has the happiest smile. As a little bonus, Kelby and Nate are high school sweethearts and just SO IN LOVE. It was so fun to see their bond, and the bond they have with their children as we laughed and played. Lots of tickles and so many smiles that if you could see my cheeks through my mask they would have been bright red.

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