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Mother's Day 2021

This morning, while some Mother's may have been awoken to breakfast in bed - or sweet kisses, I was awoken to the dreaded "Momma, I puked." The girls had a special bake off yesterday, and my youngest daughter - who normally doesn't indulge much - ate a bit too many sweets.

"Happy Mother's Day.." I whispered to myself - in between gags - while cleaning up the mess. But, this is motherhood. This is the most challenging, stressful, unpredictable, disgusting... and yet, most rewarding and beautiful job that I've ever had.

While I was awoken to the dreaded news of messes, I was also awoken to belly laughs from my oldest daughter playing with her baby brother. Watching them roll a ball back and forth in the morning sunlight of our living room while I sip coffee - and write this post. I'm so grateful for motherhood and the joy it has brought to my life.

Happy Mother's Day, from one hot mess - to another. You've got this momma.

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