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McKayla and Emily *The Remix*

McKayla first contacted me via Facebook to ask if I was available to photograph her family as a sort-of "engagement" session to celebrate her and Emily renewing their vows next year. I was SO excited to be a part of something so sweet. After 5 years of marriage, what better way to celebrate than by renewing their love again (can we just make that a thing?).

As soon as I arrived on location, I got the best vibes from their family. I just knew that we were going to have such a fun time. McKayla even helped me put my little one in the backpack carrier! Throughout our session, there was no shortage of smiles and belly laughs - mostly set off by Hailee and Jason's silliness and wild energy.

We had went back and forth about location - because this would be their first ever professional photographs - and eventually we narrowed it down to the Camden Amphitheater. I'm SO happy we did, for two reasons:

1) The light was *chef's kiss* PERFECTION!

2) The amphitheater is located next to the Camden Library, and a certain pair of little human's needed to use the facilities - about halfway through our time.

I am so grateful for the images we created, and for the celebration of this beautiful couple's love - and the beautiful family it has made.

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